“I will explore everything except the box they try to put me in.”

Ryan Starr


Hi, I’m Ryan Starr, and I’m so happy you found my little slice of the world wide web. Here you will find some of my favorite fashion pieces, travel tips, random stories, along with some raw and honest viewpoints. “SHE IS RYAN” is somewhere I hope people can find something to read that helps empower themselves, or maybe a place to learn about a travel destination. Please sign up to join

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A bit of background on me…

Hi, I’m Ryan Starr of American Idol where I was a finalist in the top 10 of the first season. After that, I starred in several reality shows like “The surreal life” and worked in Hollywood acting and modeling. I’ve also worked as a singer and lyricist while living all over the world. I’m definitely what most would call a real-life “gypsy”.  I’ve lived a very unique life from singing on live TV for 36 million viewers, moving to a 3rd world country alone, or singing in front of crowds of up to 20,000 people nightly on tour. I’m here to share what I’ve learned thru all my adventures and get to know all of you as well. So, Welcome to S. I. R!