How I Learned To Really Fall In Love With My Legs As A Woman

November 1, 2017

Legs story

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So when I was a teenager I had the nickname “apple butt”. I was a track runner so I was constantly training for track meets by running sprints. I didn’t do anything else fitness-wise. At that time I didn’t even know about the gym. I naturally had the metabolism of a small bird. I hated my chicken legs. I think most people look at super thin girls and make the assumption that they must love being so thin. In my case I personally hated it. I got picked on a lot in school because I was so thin. Little did I know that someday I would kill to be so skinny.

Because soon, the dreaded annoyance of a normal metabolism would start to kick in during my 20’s and I found I didn’t really love my legs anymore. It was then, for the first time in my life, I could not just eat whatever junk food was put in front of me. Granted, I’ve always been thin but now I could definitely see the changes happening. The bad food I was used to eating with no worry was now starting to affect my weight. It was hell. This was the beginning of the sour relationship with me and my body.

How I Learned To Really Fall In Love With My Legs As A Woman

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How I Learned To Really Fall In Love With My Legs As A Woman

I had it so easy growing up and now I didn’t know how to deal with being a girl who wasn’t naturally a fat burning machine with skinny little legs. At first I didn’t know how to deal with the stress. So I started to read, watch fitness videos, search for knowledge and let me tell you ladies (and gentlemen) boy did I find some amazing info on the human body and fitness. I was overwhelmed by the abundance of info on the human body, legs especially. I ate it all up. Every video, every word. I was forever hooked on learning about fitness and nutrition.

How I Learned To Really Fall In Love With My Legs As A Woman
How I Learned To Really Fall In Love With My Legs As A Woman

Now let me set one thing straight here. By no means am I some “fitness expert” nor will I ever be. But I do love a good fitness blog about the booty and legs. I also love “Abby Pollock’s” Youtube videos targeting the Glute (that’s the fancy name for the booty). I learned about the different ways to shred stubborn fat (HITT training is epic for this).  I learned about how sugars turn into fat (cut down the sugar and you will cut down the cellulite ladies) I learned about weight training (hip thrusts are way better in my opinion for toning the bum then squats are). I learned most importantly through changing my diet, working out, and all of these small experiments into health and fitness that even though I will never fully think I’m some perfect human, I def love my body so much more now then I did when I didn’t take care of it.

Don’t get me wrong I still eat chocolate and chips. I also sometimes skip the gym here and there and I will always struggle with HITT training. It’s not about being perfect. It’s about trying and giving it your all. That effort, only you can know you gave, is what makes you fall in love with your legs, stomach, booty, arms or whatever part of your physique you secretly dislike. Suddenly you will feel great all around. Naked, clothed, summer, or winter. Because you put in the hard work. You chose healthy foods. You got your butt out of bed and went to the gym.

Most people have a part of their body they dislike. I know I did. It’s natural to be critical of ourselves or else how would we find a reason to improve. But why not fall in LOVE with that body part? Just takes a little TLC and knowledge.


So, if you aren’t loving something about yourself pick up a book or watch some videos. Begin the journey of health and fitness. It’s never too late to just dive in.

I can honestly say I’m so glad I did because it brings me a joy nothing else can and no one can take that away from me. Making an investment in your body is a priceless one that lasts a lifetime.

How I Learned To Really Fall In Love With My Legs As A Woman

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