Three great ways to look at life’s challenges

November 27, 2018

My kinda birthday

Photos by Micheal Moretti

So last week was my birthday. I don’t think age is anything but a number – but I like to take that day to really reflect on my past year of life. I’m such a weirdo. I don’t do big parties and I don’t tell anyone. 

on social media until the day after so that I can spend my actual birthday without any distractions. I usually travel alone and just explore and write a lot. It’s a very important day for me.

Three great ways to look at life’s challenges

But for me when I started to really look back, I realized this particular previous year was a rough one for me. Tons of ups and downs and a lot twist and turns. A lot of challenges where I found out what I was really made of sprinkled with a bit of heartbreak and misfortune. Have any of you ever had a year like this with a lot of life’s challenges? I’m sure many of you can relate at one time or another. It is simply life being perfectly imperfect and as hard as it was at times. I look back and I love every second of it. Not because it was fun but because I noticed a lot of things more clearly versus other years when my life was calmer and charted a clearer course.

The first thing…

I would say I noticed this last year was how amazing my friends really were thru all of these life challenges. I learned How important it is to lean on them and also at the same time how difficult that can be sometimes for a strong-willed person like me. My friends really showed me the truest of loves this year. Unwavering, patient, fun, unconditional and unjudgemental love.

(You know who you all are and I love you all beyond words)


Three great ways to look at life’s challenges

The second thing…

I noticed was how strong my sense-of-self needed to be as these tidal waves of life came at me. I was pushed and pulled a million different directions this year and I really had to withstand negativity and just hold on tight to positive thinking and my deep belief in life and love thru these life challenges. I would try to turn a negative into a positive. Trust me I fell flat on my face a few times on this particular challenge. Probably more then id like to admit. But in the end looking back I am so happy I stood back up every time.

Three great ways to look at life’s challenges

The third thing…

I realized was how insanely resilient and strong we as humans are. I can remember earlier this year after a huge life challenge feeling like it would be impossible to feel happy again and now I sit here writing this post currently elated with joy and happy as hell. This year reinstalled that strength in me. It reminded me yet again how life ebbs and flows like an ocean. Some years things are on cruise control and other years you feel like your gonna drown.




But with all this being said…

I wouldn’t change a thing about my year. I mean that with all my heart. I’m stronger and more in love with life now then I think I ever was before. Isn’t life ironic and at the same time so just so darn,

perfectly imperfect.
Three great ways to look at life’s challenges

"The past does not equal the future".

- Tony Robbins.

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