How to see the good in a bad situation

What I noticed first

So obviously we are knee-deep into this corona virus quarantine right now. Everyone is worried, and rightfully so. I know the uncertainty of the times is unnerving, to say the least. But what I have noticed in the midst of all of this is the love and compassion I’m seeing in humans globally.

How to see the good in a bad situation

How we shifted focus

I went on a walk today and I was chatting about the changes going on all around and it dawned on me that we are in such a rare time as humans. Our planet is healing, and governments have shifted focus.

Mere weeks ago governments were focused on borders, missiles, and all that jazz. Now across the globe governments have one sole focus and that is to keep as many of us alive as possible. Our global governments are pooling forces to help one another and It’s jaw-dropping.

"Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into a friend".

- Martin Luther King Jr.

What we value

After I let this sink in it really hit me….. we have slipped into a state of world peace, right now! Now isn’t that a sentence you never thought you would hear? I know that none of us imagined it happening this way. But as crazy as it sounds, it’s true. We are all as a species refocusing daily and rethinking what we value.

Now yes, I’m aware many people will die, businesses will be shut down left and right, the economy will suffer greatly and people will be out of jobs and the world we know will never be the same. There is no sugar coating that and it’s heartbreaking. But today I want to take a minute to just illuminate a tiny bit of the beauty in the midst of this vicious virus attacking us all.

So many I feel are scared to broach the subject of the positives happening during this pandemic in fear of making light of such a horrific event. So, I say this with complete respect to the situation, of course.

How to see the good in a bad situation
How to see the good in a bad situation

As scary as it is to say I actually kinda feel lucky to live in an era that will be witness to such love between cultures and governments. Right now we are coming together in a way I only dreamt of but never believed possible. We are loving each other and it brought me to tears today when I really actually let that sink in. Funny how life works and how such a crisis can also show you a new way to look at life’s challenges.


Proud to be a human

So today, this post is not about coping with lockdown or how to find the perfect loungewear or what to eat or keep busy with. This post is about perspective and how today I chose to see another one – one in which I found gratitude for all of your compassion.

I’ve never been more proud to be part of the human race as I am right now. We are globally blowing my mind. Thank you to everyone who is standing together in whatever way they can to help.

How to see the good in a bad situation

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