My top 6 Morning Routine rituals.

My top 6 Morning Routine rituals.

So i dont know about you but...

 I don’t know about you but, I take my mornings pretty seriously. I use them to set the tone for the rest of the day and I do what works for me. This being said what works for me won’t work for everyone but I figure it could help inspire you to think of what you want your own morning routine to look like someday so I wanted to share.

"With a new day comes new strength and new thoughts".

- -Eleanor Roosevelt
My top 6 Morning Routine rituals.
My top 6 Morning Routine rituals.


When I open my eyes in the morning somedays I feel great or some days I wake up and I’ve had a bad dream and I need a minute to reset from the second I wake up. It’s not often anymore but just today I actually woke up from a bad nightmare (I’ve gotten then since I was young). So I’ve never believed in jumping out of bed. I try to always set my alarm a bit early so I have extra time to lay there enjoying my favorite loungewear and just get my head on right. If I’m in a negative headspace I get that adjusted. If I’m happy I just lay in and enjoy it. The point is, it’s ok to just lay in and sip some water and not move. I usually do this for about 20 min or so. There is no rule that our days need to begin with rushed energy and I personally think it’s a horrible way to start every day. I mean, stop and think about that, rushing into a day? No thanks. I like to cultivate a calm headspace and for me, that starts the second I open my eyes. So I organize my schedule and give myself that bit of time in each morning routine to lay in a little. It’s a small bit of the day but also maybe the most important.

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Enjoy the sunrise

Now I know a lot of you don’t get up before the sun and that’s totally fine. I get it, I wasn’t always an early riser myself actually. But I try to get up with the sun as often as I can. Obviously, when I travel and have jet lag I miss a few. But if I can I always sit and try to be very present with the luxury of witnessing a sunrise. I think the light that’s created by sunrise is something very special. It’s not the same light that’s produced at sunset. It’s colder in the morning and it’s a fresh start mentally. So I always find a window to watch it and just sit and relax for about 10 minutes with the sunrise. I turn my phone off so it’s just me and the light as it warms up the room slowly. It might sound simple but try it once and I promise you will love the tone it sets for your day. I’ve always believed being present with the sun is a huge grounding experience and shifts your energy if you let it.

My top 6 Morning Routine rituals.

Gratitude list

About 7 years ago I was lucky enough to realize the more time I spent focused on what I was grateful for the happier I was and the more I drew those things into my life. It was undeniable and I was hooked. So every morning I take out my little notebook and I make a small list of 5-10 things I’m grateful for. I don’t try to get really deep or heavy with it. Sometimes mine says ” I’m grateful for my health” or ” I’m grateful for my coffee”. It’s not really about the things on the list. It’s about getting my focus on an attitude of gratitude. Making my little list takes some concentration and that gets my mind on the right track.

My top 6 Morning Routine rituals.

Now this one is strange for me because I wasn’t always a coffee drinker. Personally I hate the taste of coffee alone and I see so many healthy things out there you can add to coffee to boost its benefits so I put tons of goodies in mine. Lately, I’ve been adding bone broth and collagen and all kinds of fun sugar-free syrups. I figure if I’m going to drink this every day it needs to be doing something for me other than just waking me up a bit. So take a look at your coffee? Could you swap the milk to Almond milk or use a healthier creamer? Do some research or have a look through some of my favorite finds below. It took me ages to find these things because a lot of the creamers and collagens out there taste horrible. But I promise you, these are tried and tested and all of these taste super yummy and won’t ruin your coffee.


My top 6 Morning Routine rituals.


After coffee, I go to wash my face. Of course, if I’m not messing around with my coffee then I’m for sure not messing around with my face washing. I am obsessed with skincare and plan to stay as youthful as I can forever (don’t I wish). I personally am obsessed with “Lancer” skincare. I found out about him through Victoria Beckham and have loved using his products for a while now. Oh, and just FYI I do not work with or have any affiliation with the Lancer Company. I just truly believe in the products.


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Finish up with a walk

After all of this, I’m ready to start my day with a long walk. I know this one won’t be for everyone. I know I always thought walks were for old folks but I was totally wrong and now I’m obsessed. I use Strava and it’s great. I get a little sweat going and it’s just enough to start my day and get my heart rate going. If you’re feeling mega tough you can wear ankle weights. I walk about 2.5-5 miles a day and love it. But start with whatever feels right for you and listen to your body.

The key thing to me about mornings isn’t about the routine because routines change as our lives change. For me, it’s about setting a calm, positive, tone for your day. Mornings are so often underestimated and they shouldn’t be.

So tomorrow morning start when you open your eyes try to start your day with some intention!

-Ryan Starr

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